Valves, Fittings And Connectors

We can make almost any combination of fittings to order​. With a large amount of stock, this can be a very fast process.

  • Tri-Clamp 

  • RJT

  • Hose tails 

  • BSP 

  • DIN

  • Hygenic Butterfly Valves 

  • Automated Valves 

Hopper and Auger systems available in all capacities, our system uses a screw conveyor to feed the malt into the mash tun via the grist hydrator.  Most auger systems require onsite installation . 

Mobile CIP Systems

Mobile CIP system is designed to clean vessels quickly and efficiently and with the option of a fully automatic control panel minimal labour is required. 


 Mobile CIP Unit Specification:  

  • Full stainless Steel construction 

  • Hygienically polished vessels 

  • Heated caustic and fresh rinse 

  • Stainless steel hygienic pump 

  • Castor wheels with brakes

  • Stainless steel hygienic pipe work 

  • Automatic control panel option available 

  • RJT or Tri-clamp connections available

Glycol Chillers

Glycol chillers supplied and installed in a large variety of sizes to accommodate all brewing capacities. 


Glycol system options: 

  • Stainless steel pipe work and valves.

  • Stainless steel header tanks 

  • Automated temperature control panels  

  • Commissioning 

Food Grade Flexible Hose

 Since investing in a state of the art hose swaging machine, we have been offering the highest quality products at competitive prices. Food and Drink Hose features: 

  • Highly flexible 

  • Widely used in brewing, Distilling and Dairy industries

  • Seamless tube 

  • Unaffected by changes in temperature

  • Resistant to cleaning with detergents or steam to max temp of 110°C

  • Smooth food grade inner tube 

  • Available on our online shop or can be made custom to order

  • Can be supplied with swaged end connection - RJT, Tri Clamp and more.


Wedge Wire

We can fabricate and offer a wide variety of bespoke wedge wire products, these include: 


  • Wedge Wire Filters 

  • Mash Tun floors 

  • Copper/Kettle hop filters 

  • Inline hop filters 

  • Bespoke wedge wire products 

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