We have recently formed a new partnership and are proud to be a distributor of Tankbeer.

Tank Beer offer full turnkey beer storage and dispensing solutions across pub, event and venue sectors.  

No matter what beverage you are serving at your taproom, tasting room or venue, the beauty and functionality of Serving Beverage Tanks (bag in tank) will be a perfect fit.

Transfer beer from your own brewing tank directly into the bag liner inside your Serving Beverage Tank.

Tanks are available in Stainless Steel or Copper finish.  Standing or laid down on a frame.  250Lt, 500Lt & 1000Lt.

With dedicated temperature control and air pressured delivery, Serving Beverage Tanks will boost the shelf life, reduce product loss, and increase productivity while generating revenue for - 

  • Beer

  • Cider

  • Wine

  • Ready to drink cocktails

  • Kombucha

  • Cold-Brew Coffee

  • Non - Alcoholic beverages

Shelf life of the beer is different for every brewery. For most unpasteurised beer, breweries use 21-30 days, for pasteurised beers it can be 2-3 months.The inliners will not affect the taste of the beer at all and will keep their quality for +/- 6 months with liquid inside it.

Available in 2-3 weeks

Call or email for more details - 01924 489688 or info@breweryequip.co.uk

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