Bespoke four head automatic Keg and Cask washing machine designed for Thielman Group to meet the most demanding application in the industry. (right)

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HMI interface control panel with PH Monitoring for guaranteed consistency (left)

Automatic Keg/Cask Combi Cleaner

The most versatile machine in our range allows cleaning of both cask and kegs.  ​The 3 head automated system allows fast efficient cleaning of keg and casks with highly versatile adjustment of cleaning cycles.

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Key features: 


  • Full stainless steel construction featuring Hot caustic and separate rinse tank 

  • Ultra-fast change over using sliding keg shelf 

  • automatic temperature control and tank dump function 

  • Co2 keg purge and pressurisation

  • Fully adjustable Cleaning cycle time allows full customization to requirements 

  • Available to suite most sizes of kegs and casks 

  • Pureweld after service and off the shelf replacement parts and spares 

  • Available single or 3phz 

  • Cleans up to 30 kegs or casks per hour