Mash Lauter Combi Tank 

mash lauter tun manufactured from certified 304 food grade stainless, available with a choice of electrical or Steam heating. 

Key Features include: ​

  • Four piece removable wedge wire floor

  • Anti wort rising underlet system 

  • Full CIP and under wash 

  • Grain knives and bed lift rakes driven by SEW Eurodrive Gearbox  

  • Automatic spent grain removal system  

  • Sparge ring

  • Precise temperature control for step-mashing 

Capacities available:  BBL: 10, 12, 20, 30 





Mash Lauter inner.JPG
Mash Lauter Tun

Why choose a Pureweld Mash Lauter? 


British Engineering

As with all our tanks we manufacture them here in Britain this means we conform to the highest engineering standards allowing long lasting safe operation.  


Unlike many of our competitors our mash lauter includes extensive safety mechanisms to prevent injury from internal moving components, steam heated options comply with PED regulations.  

mash lauter.JPG

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