Secondary Refrigerant Antifreeze 25 litres
Antifreeze Non-Toxic Optimum Flow Protection Biodegradable Quality Assured
High Efficiency Non-Toxic Secondary Refrigerant Antifreeze. Based on Ethylene Glycol blended with patented DeTox™ additive and BS6580 & ASTM D1384 proven Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors Performance Properties: CoolFlow DTX has been especially formulated for use in RAC systems to exploit the advantages Ethylene Glycol has over Propylene Glycol - whilst delivering a non-toxic solution. Specifically;

• More efficient heat transfer.

• Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures.

• Less volume for the same freeze protection.

• Cheaper per litre. Antifreeze: CoolFlow DTX is miscible with water in all proportions and can protect RAC systems down to -50°C depending on concentration.Non-Toxic: Although based on Ethylene Glycol, CoolFlow DTX has been tested and classified as Non-Toxic by an EPA certified laboratory.

 manufactured in accordance with certified ISO9001-2008 procedures


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