Hot Wort Pump with water bearing cooler 

Manufactured in the UK especially for brewing aplication, machined one peice impeller allows for transfering Hot Wort where Cheaper pumps will collect debry leading to blockages or cleaning issues .


Pump Specification  

Motor: 1.5kw 3phase 3.01amp max TEFC.

Max product temperature:100°C

Flush seal water requirement: 0.5l/min@ 0psi max (outlet should never be restricted or damage to the seal may result)


Max flow: 22m³/hr@0.8bar (where outlet pressure is lower than, flow increase is negligible but cavitation increases)

Min flow: 2m³/hr@1.55bar

At 1.5bar the curve shows 10m³/hr.

These results are based on water at ambient temperature

Hot Wort Pump

    • 8MM Nylon pipe water cooler inlet and outlet
    • 2" RJT Male inlet
    • 1.5" RJT outlet
    • manufactured to with stand the high temperature aspects of brewing
    • powerful 3 phase induction motor
    •   manufactured in Great Britain